Robot Bartender Is Here, Ready To Make You Cocktails At Home

There are three docks for the robot to serve customers, and it can hold 50 one liter bottles of alcohol or cocktail ingredients. Soft drink machines deliver up to eight different cooled drinks inside the machine.

Why is the Robot bartender better than a human bartender?

Those who have worked in the service sector know how difficult it can be to find employees, how much turnover there is, how almost no one is properly educated, and how there are problems like stealing, not showing up to work, and drinking at work.

 A huge paycheck cost is causing an array of problems. You can buy a machine that can do the work of 4 bartenders in London or New York for the year salary of one bartender! So it’s all about optimizing and helping at the trouble spots.

Can you give us a rundown of how your robot bartender works and how it compares to a human bartender?

Robot Bartender Is Here, Ready To Make You Cocktails At Home

Like a human, it also works in a similar way. To be very brief, it has a robotic arm that mixes drinks and serves them. This machine has a diameter of 2,8 meters and a height of 6.5 meters. 

Customers and cocktail ingredients can be stored in 50 one-liter bottles on three docks on the robot. Located inside the machine is a soft drink machine that can make up to 8 different kinds of iced soft drinks.  It also comes with a built-in coffee maker and ice maker. 

The machine will also be able to sell many other possible services and goods when it develops more. 

But if I want to chat with a bartender, the machine can’t do that, can it? 

Robot Bartender Is Here, Ready To Make You Cocktails At Home

The answer is yes. That is something we have considered. Every time I ask you the same question, you ask the same question back. Nightclubs or festivals packed with people don’t have time to talk to bartenders.

Those poor workers there respond to yelling, have drunken customers, and work long hours. We can help (robots) by offering a hand.  The AI chatbot we have is quite realistic and should meet your needs. 

From the bar owner’s perspective, how does the bar work?

Robot Bartender Is Here, Ready To Make You Cocktails At Home

If you use it frequently – once or twice a month, in a more quiet setting maybe once a week, it can make around 1300 cocktails and the same amount of soft drinks at once. Using a backend system, every bottle and tank is monitored for errors and maintenance needs.

A water line, electricity, and internet connection are required. Once filled up, the unit is ready to operate after it’s been easily installed and brought over. Education and maintenance are performed by the organization. That’s all there is to it. Here You go.