How It Works

1. Tablet Control

Choose Your Beverage from the Tablet Control.

Pre setup Beverages can be altered on the tablet with different icons for what is required for the customer.
An infinite amount of beverages can be created for use at your event (a mixture of different beverage can be combined).

2. Robot Takes Over

The Robot will take a drink and prepare your drink.

Pre programming of the robot for what beverages are required can be done prior to an event to tailor what is available and to suit the type of event you are hosting. Programming the robot is easy and straightforward and can be acomplished in a relatively short period of time, ususally before the event.

3. Present Your Drink

When Complete you are presented with your beverage to enjoy.

Presenting the drink can be programmed to be in a number of different locations depending on what drink has been ordered.

The customer can then choose any additional items for the drink (lemon’s, limes etc) at there own discretion.