Integrated robotic drinks server with LCD screens underneath a one-way mirror tablet set up in a waterproof counter.

A bartender can serve more than 150 bottles of spirits and beer, juice, and soda in an event cocktail machine located in the ceiling .Your event will have a futuristic feel thanks to the advanced cocktail-making robot.

A popular robotic drinks server for corporate events, product launches, VIP parties, trade shows, and private parties. You can rent this Robotic Bartender in Italy and worldwide.

The Robotic Bartender will add an element of futuristic style to your event, as it makes cocktails and is sure to catch your audience’s attention. 

Create a sophisticated space at your event with these robotic drinks servers. The complete installation includes LCD screens under one-way mirror glass so people can see real-time information about current orders, queue times, and other statistics. 


Make sure your guests are served efficiently and quickly at your event by hiring a waterproof robotic arm bartender. The tablet will allow them to select their favorite cocktail or drink.

They can provide up to 60 different spirits as well as beers, juices, and sodas, thanks to their 150 bottles attached to the ceiling. 

This robotic bartender never spills a drop of liquid thanks to his large robotic arm! In addition to garnishes such as lemons and sugar, our specialty cocktail machines can also give you a drinks that is poured right before your eyes. 


This robotic bartender is perfect for events such as product launches, corporate parties, trade shows, celebrations, and more! The event cocktail machines at your celebration will make everyone talk about it forever, making it a night to remember.

As a leading robotic entertainment company in Italy and around the world, Robot Bar is dedicated to providing premium robotic entertainment for events.

Availability for this robotic bartender can be arranged by contacting us today. We have a team of dedicated robot bar experts who can answer all your questions and handle all your reservations.